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You can find a list of some FAQ’s below, as we try and answer your questions before making it out to the Paintball Park.


What are your hours?
-Starting 9-10-2016, we will be open Saturdays 8am-5pm and Sundays 9am-5pm. We are CLOSED on Mondays, however we do offer private party bookings Monday-Friday. Call or email us for details.

What is the age requirement?
– Minimum age is 10 years old.

How does it work?
– Once you have your waivers filled out (To print your waiver form, click here), turned in & you’ve paid, you’ll bring the rental forms to our equipment booth where you will receive all of your equipment and be given a full safety orientation.

Is there any where to sit?
– Our staging area seats around 300 people with picnic tables and shaded awnings with a perfect view of the field to see the action going on.

Do I have to fill out a waiver if I’m over 18?
– Any one that is playing has to have a waiver filled out no matter what.

Do you fill Co2?
– No, we only handle compressed air but if you need to rent a tank from us you are more than able to do so.

Are we allowed to bring food or drinks?
– You are allowed to bring any food or drinks that you wish, the only thing not allowed on site is any form of grilling.

Are you allowed to drink alcohol?
– No form of drugs and/or alcohol is allowed on site.

Do you accept credit cards?
– We accept all major card types including visa, master card, and Amex. We also accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Can we bring our own paint?
– Due to many issues in the past and for quality and safety reasons, we are now a Field Paint Only Field.

Do the parents have to present for the kids to play?
– As long as they have a waiver filled out and signed by a gaurdian the parents do not have to present. You can print the waiver at home off our web site under the media section.

Does the paint stain?
– Our paint is completely washable. You may want to bring something to put on the car seat for the drive home. It is kind of difficult to throw the car seats in the wash.

Is it safe?
– Like any active sport, there is always a possibility of accidents. As long as the safety gear is worn and the rules are followed, paintball has been proven to be the one of safest sports available.

Does it hurt?
– Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so it’s difficult to give a yes or no as we’ve seen 10 year old girls brush off hit like it was nothing and full grown men cry. There’s always a sting when getting hit, so it just depends on your body.

What should i wear?
– Long pants are recommended. We suggest a long sleeve t-shirt. Camouflage is not necessary, but it will help you blend in. Hiking shoes are recommended for ankle support, but tennis shoes will do. Be sure to dress for the weather. Layers are good in case you get hot during play.

How long can I play?
-Admission fees and equipment rental fees are good for all open game hours each day. Once you are checked in and have gone through orientation, you’re welcome to stay and play as many games as you want until we close. The only variable is the amount of paint you want to purchase.



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